How to Use JustSnipe Mobile App

 Introduction to using JustSnipe for the first time 

To start off, sign in to your JustSnipe account using the email and password you registered with JustSnipe. 

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You can also navigate through JustSnipe Mobile by tapping menu from the bottom navigation panel. 


Add a new snipe:

  1. Tap Menu in the bottom navigation bar. You will see the following details. If you not, you may need to sign in first.

  2. Then you can copy and paste auction number or eBay web address and press "GO" button.

  3. JustSnipe will extract the auction details for you to enter your max bid.

  4. Enter the maximum bid amount that you are willing to pay and click "SNIPE" button.

  5. Then, you will see the confirmation message on top of your screen.

  6. Now, JustSnipe will wait until almost to the end of auction to place bid. You do not need to leave your device open. 


To edit an active snipe: 

  1. Click Menu in the navigation bar, then click "Active"

  2. Then, click "EDIT" button on the auction that want to edit.

  3. Make changes  and then, click "SAVE" button.

  4. Then, you will see the confirmation message on top of your screen. 



If you have any questions, send us an email at We will be happy to assist. And, do not forget to include information such as your registered email, eBay ID, and the auction number in questions.