Thursday, November 13, 2008

eBay is Making Winning Bidder IDs Anonymous

In the past few days (starting around 11/10/2008), eBay started to make the winning bidder IDs anonymous.

This effort is to protect bidders from malicious emails and to increase security in eBay. Though, it would prevent "Snipe Group" feature to work effectively. Because our system needs to check the winning bidder at the end of auction to determine the winner. And, with this new security implementation, our system can only pickup the anonymized id such as x***y.

All systems and bidding processes are working without any problem.

- Please do not use "Snipe Group" during this time.
- Winning bidder may not display the correct winner ID.
- Winning bidder may display an ID of the seller.

We will post more update for this issue.

JustSnipe Support