Monday, May 17, 2010

JustSnipe on Facebook Application

JustSnipe on Facebook Application

JustSnipe is launching its 1st Facebook Application that links your JustSnipe and Facebook accounts together. You will be able to access your JustSnipe account through Facebook and checking your snipe status without leaving Facebook.

Visit JustSnipe on Facebook Application Profile:

How to setup for the 1st time

  1. Visit:
  2. Allow Access to your Facebook Public Information.
  3. Inside "JustSnipe on Facebook Application", click "Setup" tab.
  4. Enter your JustSnipe Id and Password and click "Link" button.

Current version will allow only viewing of your "Current" and "Completed" snipe orders. We are working to add more features into this application.

JustSnipe is an online auction sniper service providing free automated bidding system to eBay auction.

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