Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Emergency Server Maintenance : RESOLVED

Emergency Server Maintenance

We have fixed the problem that caused this failure.
Although we have fixed the problem and brought back the system to the stable state, there are some parts of data that we could not extract from the backup.
- Some users in FREE PLAN that registered during June 6th to June 14th will need to re-register again otherwise you will not be able to sign in. Paid members are not affected by this.
- Some snipe data that were scheduled earlier (during June 6th to June 14th) will not be shown in the "Ended Auction" section. If you need this data, please email us again. We will see if the extracted data does not corrupt the current data.
- Paid members who are affected by this incident will receive a refund or credit.
PayPal - will receive a refund in the next 7-14 days.
Credit card - will receive another free month of service (due to high credit card processing fee).

Customers who emailed us in the past 48 hours and have not received any response back, please stay put. We are speeding up to answer all of your emails.

In the past 48 hours, we have been working hard to fix the problem and would like to thank you for your understanding. We apologize for the inconvenience that may have caused.

JustSnipe Support


(Update 4:30 AM 06-16-2004)
The sniping system has been functioning well since 8:30 AM (06/15/2004). Though members in the free membership plan are seeing incorrect snipe credit, we have corrected this issued already.

(Update 8:30 AM 06-15-2004)
Users may now be able to access our site but
*** use extream caution when trying to schedule new snipes in the next 12 hours ***
We are still running in the recovery mode. Any scheduled snipes earlier than 8:30 AM today are cancelled automatically.

(ETA time is 10:00 PM)

(Update 8:00 AM 06-15-2004)
We can restore some parts of the database and will be using this backup to maintain the operation of our site. In the mean time, we will try to extract more data from the backup.
As we have posted earlier that we expected to have the maintenance completed by 10:00 AM, we will need more time for the maintenance. The new ETA is 10:00 PM tonight.
We are sorry for this inconvenience and will provide refund to users who affected by this issue.

(Update 4:55 AM 06-15-2004)
Our server is still down and is expect to be down for another 5 hours.

At this moment, we are still fixing the server and restore back the database.

We understand that this downtime causes trouble to our users, we are considering to provide refund for customers who are affected by this down time.

(Update 4:30 AM 06-15-2004)
There have been some problems with our hard drive and we are fixing it right now.

We have to undergo emergency server maintenance on June 14, 2004 around 14:00.
The process takes time and we will post any update soon.
Thank you.

JustSnipe Support

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