Wednesday, August 11, 2004

eBay Page Format Changes : RESOLVED

(18:50) Some users may still receive
"You have entered bid that is below the current price, please correct your bid."
error message eventhough max bid is well over current bid price.
If you have this problem, please send us an email with the auction number in question and the max bid that you have entered. We will investigate this issue.
Thank you.

(12:00 PM) The problem has been resolved.

eBay has made a slight changes to its page format and may cause some users to get the "internal Error" Message when trying to schedule new snipes.

We are working to correct this issue.

The workaround to avoid this error message is to add the auction into "JustWatch" list and can schedule your snipe later on.

All bids are executed as normal.

We will post any update soon when the issue has been corrected.
We are sorry for any convenience.

JustSnipe Support


For more information about JustWatch:

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