Monday, December 13, 2004

False Error Warning Message When Sign in to JustSnipe

False Error Warning Message When Sign in to JustSnipe: RESOLVED

(20:45) Update: The false error warning message has been resolved.
Anyone who still receives the error message means that your id/password might be invalid or you do have a warning in your account.

(17:45) Update: The problem occurred due to changes in eBay sign in process and we are still working to correct this error message.

No bids are lost due to this false warning message (if you originally have a valid id/password) .

Some users may received the following false warning message when sign in to JustSnipe:
" ...
You may either have a warning in your eBay account or have an invalid eBay information. This error may cause missing snipe or delayed the bidding process. Please sign in to eBay to check any warning message

We are working to correct this false warning message.

JustSnipe Support


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