Sunday, October 19, 2008

eBay Verification Image on Account with Weak Password

In the past couple of days, we have noticed that some users experienced failed bid with "Snipe error" message. This issue occurs to those account with weak password combination.

Recently, eBay has been blocking users with weak password combination. If you are getting "Snipe Error" message, you should try to change your password combination on eBay to a stronger one (with letters, numbers, and capital letters). Once you have done so and then updated your eBay information on JustSnipe accordingly, you can rest assured that our service will be able to successfully place bids on your behalf.

Note that, some users may not see this warning when signing in to their eBay account but the warning may be seen from our automated system.

Also, please use a different set of JustSnipe id/password and eBayid/password to increase your security. At JustSnipe, we treat yourJustSnipe id/password and eBay id/password as 2 separate entities. Westore and encrypt your JustSnipe id/password and eBay id/password indifferent places for securities.

You will only need to enter your eBay id/password once during theregistration. After that when you sign in to JustSnipe, use JustSnipeid/password. Your eBay information will be used by our server duringbid sniping only.

To update your JustSnipe id:

To update your eBay id:

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