Sunday, December 15, 2019

How to fix Network Timeout for Google Chrome

There are 2 methods to fix the Network Timeout issue for Google Chrome. Please try method 1 and if method 1 does not resolve the issue, then please scroll down and try method 2. 

Method 1: 

1. Click the 3 vertical dots to the top right of the internet browser.

2. Click More tools.

3. Click Extensions.

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4. Enable Kaspersky Protection by clicking the "Toggle switch". When Kaspersky Protection is enabled the "Toggle switch" will turn blue as seen in the picture below:

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Method 2:

1. Open Kaspersky Internet Security.

2. Click the "Settings" icon.

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3. Click "Additional" in the left menu.

4. Click "Network".

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5. In the "Traffic processing" section, uncheck the box that says
"Inject script into web traffic to interact with webpages" by clicking
on it.

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6. When another window box appears, click on "Continue" button.

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7. Click the "x" on the top right to close Kaspersky Internet Security.

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8. Open Google Chrome.

9. Click the 3 vertical dots to the top right of the internet browser.

10. Click "More tools".

11. Click "Clear browsing data...".

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9. Click the box to check mark "Cookies and other site date" and
"Cached images and files".

10. Click "Clear data" button.

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Members should now be able to use JustSnipe without any issues. If the issue still occurs, please contact and send us screenshots of the issue to 

Thank you,

JustSnipe Support


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