Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Snipe Group Introduction

JustSnipe offers an advanced feature called "Snipe Group" that allows you to bid on multiple auctions and automatically cancel remaining auctions when the desired condition is met. This feature can save time and increase your chances of winning the desired item.

Example of Snipe Group Usage:

Suppose you want to purchase a pair of Nike shoes, but there are five identical listings for these shoes. You can use the Snipe Group feature on JustSnipe to schedule snipes for all five auctions and set the winning condition to one item. Our system will start sniping the first auction, and if you don't win it, the second item in the list will be activated. This process continues until the winning condition is met. Once the condition is satisfied, any remaining snipe orders will be canceled automatically. 


Limitations of Snipe Group:

Although Snipe Group has been tested and works well in our testing environment, it is still in beta phase and may require some tweaking. Please use this feature with caution and let us know if you find any bugs or have suggestions for improvements. 

  • Snipe Group does not work with private auction listings or Dutch-format auctions. While you can add these auctions to the list, our system will not be able to determine the winner.

  • The end time of each auction in a single group should be at least 60 seconds apart. While you can add auctions with end times closer than 60 seconds, please note that there may be no warning.

  • The maximum number of snipe items in one single group is 30 items.

  • Snipe orders can only be assigned to a group when it is first created. Any snipes scheduled earlier but not assigned to a group cannot be moved to a snipe group and must be deleted and re-created.


We hope you find this feature useful and welcome your feedback on how we can improve it.



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