Snipe Group - Mobile App

Snipe Group is an advance feature at JustSnipe that allows you to win a certain number of auctions and automatically cancel remaining auctions in a "Snipe Group List" when the condition is fulfilled. 

An example for Snipe Group Usage: 

There are 5 items of the same "Nike" shoes being offered but you ONLY want to buy just 1 pair of "Nike" shoes.

You can schedule snipe for those 5 items using the Snipe Group feature on JustSnipe and set the winning condition to 1 item.

Our system will start sniping the first item (at the last seconds before an auction ends). If you do not win the first auction, a second item in the list will be activated. The same process will continue until a condition set by you has been satisfied. Once the condition is met, the remaining snipe orders will be cancelled.

Creating a Snipe Group:

  • Click "Snipe Group" on the menu.
  • Click "Create New Group". 
    •  Enter "Group Name" 
    • Enter "Notes"
    • Choose Group Condition 
    • Enter Condition Value.
      i.e. Number of items to win. 
    • Click "Create New Group" Button.  


Adding a Snipe into Group:

  • Click "Snipe" on the menu. 
  • Enter the following: 
    • Auction Number 
    • Maximum bid 
    • Choose lead time 
    • Notes / comments 
    • Choose Snipe Group from the drop down list menu 
    • Click "Submit" button 

Viewing Snipe Group: 

  • Click "Snipe Group" on the Tools menu. 
  • You will be presented with a summary list of Snipe Groups that you have created.
  • To view details of each Snipe Group. 
    • Click (VIEW) link 
  •  To Edit Snipe Group Condition 
    • Click (EDIT) link 
  • To delete Snipe Group 
    • Click (DELETE) link

Snipe Group Limitation: 

  • Snipe Group will not work with the following auction types: 
    • Private Auction listing 
    • Dutch-format auction 
  •  The end time of each auction in a single group should be at least 60 seconds apart. 
  •  The maximum number of snipe items in one single group is 30 items. Doing so, may cause failed snipe and unexpected result.